(Chicago-Kent students also work to build democracy and rule of law in Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Jordan and Iran

through Destination Democracy)

Operation Kosovo

About Operation Kosovo

You Took Away My Flag - a Musical about Kosovo

a Modofac® production

was performed to sold-out audiences in Chicago on 12, 13, 19, 20 June 2009 at Strawdog Theatre

See www.youtookawaymyflag.com

Professor Perritt is working to remount the production in Chicago and elsewhere. A team of filmmakers is working to make a movie of the underlying story.

Transcript of Radio Free Europe interview with Professor Perritt on 6 August 2009

Professor Perritt's book on final status, The Road to Independence for Kosovo: A Chronicle of the Ahtisaari Plan, will be published by Cambridge University Press in late 2009

Professor Perritt's book on the KLA

"Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency," has been published by University of Illinois Press and Koha Ditore

Copies can be ordered from the Press website, from www.amazon.com, or at (800) 621-2736. European orders, including orders from Kosovo can be placed by e-mail and credit card with the publisher's European sales office in south England at this address: trade.orders@marston.co.uk

Albanian language version, ISBN 978-9951-417-07-5, can be ordered from Koha Ditore in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo


Professor Perritt's columns in New Kosova Report

Europe's Saboteurs (4 May 2009) (MS Word version)

First Birthday Report (16 February 2009)

Being Like America (12 January 2009)

Kosovo Government is Right to Resist Pressure (14 November 2008)

Does the ICJ Matter (6 October 2008)

Kosovars are running away from risk (20 August 2008)

It's time to get to work on Kosova's image (1 July 2008)

Opposition politics for independent Kosova (1 May 2008)

Making civil society meaningful in independent Kosovo (27 March 2008)

Kosovo's new republic (21 February 2008)

Chris Bailey-Woon compares KLA and Kurdish Workers Party (PKK)

Chicago-Kent grad Bradley Faber develops initiative for Kosovo agriculture

In August, 2008, Bradley Faber, member of the Illinois bar, and 2007 graduate of Chicago-Kent, travelled to the Republic of Kosovo with Professor Perritt. Mr. Faber met with senior government officials, USAID, the leadership of AUK, farmers, businessmen and other agriculture experts to collect data in support of his analysis of the potential of Kosovo's agricultural sector.

Professor Perritt presented copies of his book on the KLA to former KLA soldiers and commanders and met with members of Kosovo's cultural community in support of his effort to help Kosovo "export" its artists, musicians and athletes to build international support for Kosovo.

Photographs of August 2008 trip

Victoria Hayes completes Rule of Law Externship with Women’s Safety and Security Initiative in Kosovo

During the summer of 2008 Chicago-Kent 2L Victoria Hayes worked as a Rule of Law Extern for the Women’s Safety and Security Initiative in Kosovo, assisting in the preparation of Kosovo’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking for 2008-2011

Her reflections on her time in Kosovo.



Chicago Tribune story on Operation Kosovo

Professor Perritt's interview with the Serbian Service of the Voice of America: video

Professor Perritt's interview with the Albanian Service of the Voice of America (Albanian) - transcript; video

Professor Perritt is writing a book on the final status process for Kosovo

Full text of Ahtisaari proposal on final status (.pdf file)

Melinda Bair' recommendations for a post-independence Tax Code

Professor Perritt's op-ed in Lajm: Kosova Should Thank Albin Kurti (English .html) (English Word file)

Song of Operation Kosovo: "Kosovo Disco" (.mp3 file)

also available at:




Professor Perritt and Jeff LaMirand interviewed by Voice of America about Anti-Corruption report

Interview as broadcast in Albanian

Interview as given in English

VOA summary of interview in Albanian (.html) (Word) (link to VOA site)

RTK summary of interview


Professor Perritt's song about the KLA: "Fire for the Colors" in streaming audio; CDs and .mp3 versions available from http://cdbaby.com/cd/tsandusky; www.amazon.com (search for "Fire for the Colors" or "Tim Sandusky"); iTunes (search for "Fire for the Colors" or "Tim Sandusky")

Koho Ditore article on "Fire for the Colors"

Professor Perritt's interview in Epoke e Re about final status

Actual story (Albanian)

Interview questions and answers - English (.html) (Word)

Combatting Corruption in Kosovo

85-page report released 23 October 2006

Microsoft Word version

Press release (.html) (Word)

Lajm story 29 October 2006

Economic outlook for an independent Kosovo

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Would Kosova survive economically as an independent state? in Anna Di Lillio, THE CASE FOR KOSOVA (2006) (.html) (Word) [slight editing differences from published version]

Claims resolution for an Independent Kosovo

Professor Perritt's op-ed in Express, 17 February 2006 on claims resolution English Albanian

2005 law review article on claims resolution (.html version) (Word version)

Chicago-Kent and Operation Kosovo alum Chad Mair joins Idriz Balaj defense team in The Hague

Chad Mair, JD 2007, Chicago-Kent, spent the last several months of 2007 and the first few months of 2008 as a member of the defense team for Idriz Balaj, one of Ramush Haradinaj's co-defendants, helping with trial presentation. While he was a law student, Mr. Mair had worked with Professor Perritt to analyze issues arising from application of traditional doctrines from the Law of Armed Conflict to irregular guerrilla insurgencies, such as the KLA. He spent the Spring Vacation of his last year in law school with the Balaj defense team in The Hague. In the photograph below, Mair is pictured with Gregor Guy-Smith, chief defense counsel for Balaj

Chicago-Kent student Melinda Bair headed for Rule of Law Externship (ROLX) with MDA consulting firm in Kosovo


3L Melinda Bair will spend two weeks in March working as a ROLX for MDA, an economic and business consulting firm operated by three young Kosovars. See www.seemda.com

Chicago-Kent students discuss ICTY prosecutions of KLA commanders with head of Association of Defense Counsel, Gregor Guy-Smith



Ed Pauker assists Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo on privatization

Independent Research paper: Edward Pauker, Procedure and Privatization in Kosovo: A Critique and Assessment of the Special Chamber (.html version) (Word version)


May-June, 2006 Trip and Projects

Research-Assistant Jeff LaMirand, Rule-of-Law-Extern Ed Pauker and Professor Perritt were in Kosovo from 24 May to 5 June 2006. Mr. Pauker will remain for the rest of the summer, working in the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo on privatization cases. Mr. Pauker also is preparing a paper on international claims resolution for claims growing out of the Kosovo conflict and movement toward independence. Mr. LaMirand conducted research on corruption in Kosovo and is preparing a paper on anti-corruption strategies. He also interviewed young people and small entrepreneurs and is preparing an analysis of job creation strategies for Kosovo.

Professor Perritt assisted his two students, and explored translating his forthcoming book, The Kosovo Liberation Army: Inside Story of an Insurgency, and his song, “Fire for the Colors: a Song of the KLA,” into Albanian.

Blue Sky Radio interview (.mp3)

Iliria Post interview (.mp3) (transcript of interview)

Jeff LaMirand works on economic development and anti-corruption initiatives

Jeff LaMirand's first impressions (also available on http://www.lamirand.com/letters/2006/052606.htm)

Jeff LaMirand's efforts to find corruption (also available on http://www.lamirand.com/letters/2006/060306.htm)Jeff LaMirand: Why You Should Care About Kosovo (also available on http://www.lamirand.com/letters/2006/060406.htm)

Other Photos

Student seminar and independent research papers

Andrew T. Strong, Neutralizing Threat : Reevaluating the Scope of Acceptable Targets in Unconventional Conflicts;

Slide Presentation with sound

Jacob A. Ramer, Hate By Association: Individual Criminal Responsibility for Persecution Through Participation in a Joint Criminal Enterprise

Margaret E. Murphy: The media’s role in coverage of conflicts:
Journalists’ efforts to get the story in Vietnam, Kosovo and Iraq




June: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Final status for Kosovo

Transcript of UN Security Council meeting 20 June 2006

International Crisis Group February, 2006 Report

Professor Perritt's op-ed piece in the Chicago Tribune Perspective section 13 November, 2005

Professor Perritt's interview with Fokusi, November, 2005: Albanian English

Professor Perritt's op-ed piece, "Kosova needs its voices to be heard" -- Kosova Sot, 4 November 2005

Professor Perritt’s op-ed piece, “Kosova is losing the public-relations battle on final status” – Koha Ditore, 19 October 2005

Professor Perritt's 17 October 2005 lecture to Albanian Diplomatic Academy: "U.S. Interests in the Balkans and Final Status for Kosovo"--mp3 file- English and Albanian; transcript (Word)


UN Security Council meeting 24 October 2005

Transcript - morning session

Transcript - afternoon session

Statement by president of Security Council

Kai Eide's report to the Secretary General

U. S. Government statement on final status (statement by Under Secretary of State R. Nicholas Burns 18 May 2005)

Visiting Kosovo as a tourist

Several "generations" of Chicago-Kent students have worked to generate interest in tourism in Kosovo. The links in this section provide information about visiting Kosovo. You should note, however, that "GoKosovo.co" is an independent corporation, organized by several students, which presently is inactive. Likewise, the website, www.gokosovo.com, is inactive. So the information provided here is useful to those who might want to go to Kosovo on their own. There are no GoKosovo tours.

Brochure on visiting Kosovo (.pdf file)

GoKosovo website from Spring 2004 (somewhat dated)

Operation Kosovo students assist with ICTY cases

Andrew T. Strong serves as a member of the Haradinaj defense team

Andrew Strong explains a point to former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

Jacob Ramer refines and reports on law in the Hague

Jacob Ramer and Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, after meeting in Prime Minister's Office, January, 2005


         Report on Final Status for Kosovo (text in English-.html) (text in English-.doc) (text in Albanian-.html) (text in Albanian-.doc)

         Corruption in Kosovo: Perceptions versus Experiences; Potential Investigative Techniques, by John Knopic

Workers protest outside the Kosovo Trust Agency against the halt in Privatization and to demand their back wages and pensions.

What is Operation Kosovo?
Initiatives to support democracy, the rule of law, and market-based economic development in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Since 1998, students at the Illinois Institute of Technology and Chicago Kent College of Law have worked together on "Operation Kosovo," an initiative to promote the rule of law, democracy, civil society and economic development in Kosovo. Students have worked in Chicago and travelled to Kosovo to analyze economic development programs, to evaluate measures to reduce corruption, to create a tourism market for Kosovo, to evaluate the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo and to assist in its work on privatization controversies, to conduct research for a book on the Kosovo Liberation Army, to participate in legal representation of former KLA commanders accused of violations of the law of international armed conflict, to evaluate options for the American University in Kosovo to establish a program of legal education, and to assist the University of Prishtina Law Faculty develop externships and a clinical program.

  • Prof. Perritt's interview with Kosovo Sot, 16 Jan. 2004, on privatization
  • Prof. Perritt's interview with Kosovalive, 26 Jan. 2004, on privatization
  • Amicus Curiae brief prepared for filing on behalf of Government of Kosovo in New York federal court privatization lawsuit
  • Henry Perritt interviewed for Kota Ditore (in Albanian).
  • Article in Illyria on Henry Perritt's comments from Kosova Investment Conference in New York.
  • Spring 2004 Projects list.
  • Photo albums available online


Legal Resources

Trip Reports

Historical and Cultural Info

Media Resources

Operation Kosovo archives

Project Bosnia

Project Open Macedonia

The 2003 Fall IPRO; IPRO Day




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