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Kosovalive - 16 Jan 2004

Interview: Henry Perritt Professor of Law at Illinois Institute for Technology

"The Problem of Privatization Lies With Lambsdorff and Fucci"

PRISHTINA (KosovaLive) - Legislation for privatizing SOEs in Kosova is perfect. There is UN support for it; the purchasers of the SOEs are serious. The only problem for continuation of privatization are Nikolaus Lambsdorff and Mary Fucci, who have held the process of privatization hostage for six months and do not understand their jobs, Henry Perritt, a Professor of Law at the American Institute at Illinois said during an interview with KosovaLive.

"After all issues were reviewed by the UN legal experts, a very good legal framework was created; the first tenders on privatization were announced, and €34 million in investments was secured. And then came Lambsdorff and Fucci to head the KTA and for six months nothing has happened," he said.

Perritt, who also worked in the administration of the former U.S President Gerald Ford, underlined that "everyone who knows anything about privatization and organizing enterprises, understands that privatization can continue here without any obstacles."

He concluded that Regulation 2002/ 12 is the legal base for the KTA and Regulation 2002/30 clarifies the competencies of privatization.

"For every day of delay of this process, the value of the SOEs falls. Everyday means one investor less interested in investing in Kosova," he said.

The best thing, according to him is to restart privatization immediately - as of tomorrow, whereas all disputed cases to be left to the Supreme Court of Kosova. "The KTA Board should have kept its word for signing the 17 contract with the tender winners."

Perritt has been in Kosova before and after the war with international organizations dealing with economic issues. Perritt has worked in drafting laws on the economy in the U.S. having to do with technology, employment and international affairs.

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