Friday, 16 April

0830 Breakfast
0900 Welcome (Wachtel & Perritt)

I. Political and economic issues
0915 - 0950 Why Kosovar aspirations can be realized only within constraints created by regional, European, and international politics
Ambassador William Walker (keynote)

0950-1030 Political dynamics within United States and Western Europe
Michael Kunczik, "Images of nations and transnational public relations by government"
Verena Knaus, "Thoughts on the Future of Kosovo"

Adrian Toschev & Gregory Cheikhameguyaz, "European Union and Final Status"

1030-1040 Coffee break

1040-1125 Political dynamics within Kosovo
Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu
Prof Dr. Arsim Bajramii

1125- 1210 Political dynamics within Serbia
Bozidar Jaksic, "Kosovo/a: Fear, Hate, and Hope"
Dusan Pavlovic


1210-1230 Political dynamics within other countries in Balkans
Ambassador Lisen Bashkurti, "Political dynamics within the other countries of the Balkans"
Prof. Abdula Aliu, "The impact of the final status of Kosova in the FYROM"

1230-1400 Lunch

II. Legal issues

Prof. Hajredin Kuqi, , "The legal and political grounds for, and the influence of the actual situation on, the demand of the Albanians of Kosovo for independence"
Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami, "Some Constitutional-Judicial Arguments for the Independence of Kosova".
Prof. Osman Ismali: "Independence of Kosova: Guarantee of Stability in the Region: Relations with Serbia, Montenegro and Albania"
Prof. Esat Stavileci: "Independence of Kosova: Only Just and Real Solution for the Time-Internal Constitutional and Administrative Structures"
Prof. Henry H. Perritt, Jr., "Note on Concept of Political Trusteeship"

Professor Fred Morrison, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Tension between Self-Determination and National Sovereignty, Some Constitutional Approaches."
Prof. Enver Hasani, "Self-Determination of Kosovo Under the Terms of the Union Agreement Between Serbia and Montenegro of 1991 ("Solana Agreement")"
Prof. Zejnullah Gruda: "Key Principles for a Lasting Solution on the Status of Kosova: Internal borders, Uti Possidites and Self Determination"

1530-1545 Coffee

1545-1615 Economic structures and claims
Dr. Besim Beqaj, "Kosovo and Regional Cooperation: Stability Pact and Beyond"
Thomas A. O'Keefe, "Economic Integration as a Means for Promoting Regional Political Stability: Lessons from the E.U. and MERCOSUR"
Henry H. Perritt, Jr., "Claims Tribunals and other Mechanisms for Resolving Claims By and Against Kosovo as a Political Entity" (short version)

1615-1700 Protection of human rights after UNMIK leaves
Wolfgang Benedek, Human Rights and Political Reality
Professor Bartram Brown, "Human Rights, Sovereignty, and the Final Status of Kosovo"
Professor Rexhep Murati, "Protection of Human Rights Under Kosovo's New Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code"
Prof. Iliriana Islami, "International Legal Personality of Kosovo in the Field of Human Rights: Role of Council of Europe; Kosovo's obligations under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights"

Saturday, 17 April

III. Impact of Disorder on 17-18 March

IV. Synthesis and wrapup discussion

Prof. Andrew Wachtel, "Where Do We Go from Here?"