UN Security Council Resolution 1244

Rambouillet Accords

Constitutional Framework for Kosovo

Kosovo Standards Implementation Plan (31 March 2004)


Report on parallel structures

United States Institute for Peace

April 15, 2004 "newsbyte"

Daniel Serwer Congressional testimony

USIP Report No. 100

International Crisis Group

"Collapse in Kosovo" (22 April 2004)

A Kosovo Roadmap (I): Addressing Final Status


Declaration by Parliament of Serbia-Montenegro

Enver Hasani, Uti Possidetis Juris: From Rome to Kosovo

Janusz Bugajski, R. Bruce Hitchner, and Paul Williams, Achieving a Final Status Settlement for Kosovo

Bekim Collaku, A Just Final Settlement for Kosovo is Imperative for the Peace and Stability in Balkans (download Word version)